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Our Commitment…Exceed Your Expectations

Defender Termite and Construction commits to:

  • Make it easy to schedule your appointment

  • Deliver an exceptional experience

  • Be friendly and courteous

  • Be responsive to our customer’s needs

  • Explain all work performed ensuring our clients complete understanding

  • Provide an accurate report and estimate of our findings

  • Provide an accurate invoice with convenient methods of payment

  • Leave our clients property clean of any items we use


It is our privilege to serve our customers with a professional service experience. We require all of our staff to fulfill this commitment through training, understanding the importance of providing the best service, and knowing that you as a customer have other choices.


Honesty and Integrity

We will stand by our word consistently and rigorously, always following through on all our commitments.


Commitment to Excellence

We ask our employees to treat our customers, as they would wish to be treated. We will conduct ourselves according to the highest personal and professional standards.


We take pride in presenting high-quality work, which reflects our commitment and loyalty to our customers, each other, and the company.


Dedication to Quality and Service

Defender Termite and Construction Inc. is committed to serving its customers with fast, dependable, reliable, and high-quality service. Pleasing our customers is our number one priority.

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